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At Northside Christian Academy, our curriculum is designed from a distinctly biblical worldview where absolutes exist as the foundation for intellectual and spiritual growth. This approach helps students gain an understanding of their Christian heritage as they work towards reaching their full potential in Christ. At the Pre-K level, children are guided through the learning process using their instinctive senses of curiosity, creativity, and wonder. Our elementary (K-5th) students are introduced to the basics like reading, writing, mathematics, art, and Bible classes as they develop their foundational skill sets and core characteristics. Our middle school (6th – 8th) students are encouraged to work together as they explore and discover biblical truths, develop novel ways to apply them to their lives, and effectively communicate their beliefs to others. In high school (9th-12th) students will master the core subjects, and continue developing needed life skills through elective classes, fine arts, and athletics.


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Why Northside

One of the basic reasons why parents enroll their children in a private school is to obtain an education grounded in moral values. Northside Christian Academy uses biblically based Bob Jones University Press curriculum, which includes scripture memory passages and references to God. Northside Christian Academy’s mission is to provide biblically integrated education to ensure that each student can discern the call of God on their life. At NCA, students develop moral character, establish a sense of accountability, and gain wisdom in their lives. Our Christian standards of personal conduct, school policies, and curriculum help to foster each student’s sense of personal responsibility and integrity.

As a parent, how can I be more involved in my child’s education?

Northside Christian Academy has a great Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) and we encourage all parents to be involved. As a part of the PTO, parents have several opportunities to help support the school as well as provide feedback on ways to improve our school. In addition, parents are always welcome to volunteer in the classroom and/or as an Athletic Booster helping with fundraisers, concession sales, etc. For more information, contact the PTO president at or the Athletic Director at (904) 964-7124.

Do students have to wear uniforms?

Yes & No. While students do not have a prescribed uniform, all students are required to comply with the academy’s dress code which includes a collared shirt with NCA logo. For more information, see our Parent-Student Handbook.

What if I am not a Christian?

Being a Christian is not a requirement to attend NCA, however, all students will be held to the same Christian standards and expected to uphold the same biblical doctrines. Behavior(s) in and out of school that are inconsistent with these standards will not be tolerated and could result in disciplinary actions. Students will be provided with the gospel and given many opportunities to become born again Christians throughout each school year.

Is counseling available for students?

Yes. Counseling is available for academic, spiritual, emotional, and behavioral concerns. There are ordained pastors and a certified school counselor on staff. If needed, students, in coordination with parents/guardians, will be encouraged to consult with their primary care provider and/or seek assistance from other Christian counselors/therapists.

Can students drive themselves to and from school if they have a license?

Yes. However, it is a privilege to be able to drive a car to school. To drive a personal vehicle to school, students must abide by the following requirements:

• All student-driven vehicles are to be registered in the office immediately when the student begins driving to school by completing the Student Driver form.

• Vehicles will be driven carefully and slowly (5 mph) in designated areas. Drivers are to be cautious of children – especially when driving though the covered walkway. Driving on the grass, spinning tires, or driving recklessly in any way is not allowed.

• Student drivers are NOT allowed to operate academy/church vehicles for any reason.

• Student drivers are not to transport any students off campus without written permission from those students’ parents and with the knowledge of the Northside Christian Academy administration.

• Student drivers should not allow another student to drive or move their vehicle. In fact, it is recommended that vehicle keys not be given to any student, for any reason.

• Cars are not to be occupied during school hours, nor are students to sit in parked cars while waiting for school to begin or after school dismisses. Student drivers must remove anything they will need for the day from their vehicles upon arrival at school.

• Student drivers must be on time for school. If a driver has more than five unexcused tardies to school in a quarter, driving privileges will be suspended for the remainder of the quarter.

• A valid copy of the student’s license to drive and insurance card must be on file in the school office. Failure to follow driving guidelines will result in suspension or revocation of driving privileges.

• Any vehicle on school property is subject to searches as outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook.